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Nowadays, using hair extension has become a trend throughout the world, especially for the unlucky ones who own thin and slow-growing hair. The single weft hair extensions is a term used frequently in hair extension industry but not everyone knows exactly what it is.

In this blog post, we will talk to you about the typical characteristics of weft hair. If you are looking for them, keep reading the article below.

single weft hair extensions

What is single weft hair extensions?

Single weft s is a kind of machine weft hair with only one layer of hair sewn to create a tracking effect. The hair is sewn by a sewing machine with double or tri needles instead of glues so the seam is thin and lissom but very strong.Therefore, you can be assured that your hair is really natural when you apply it.

This type of hair is very popular because it is very easy to use. It only takes a few minutes for you to get a good length and thickness of hair. It also does not harm your real hair and does not cause headache, pain or discomfort because of its thinness and lightness. Even you can go to bed while still using it. 


The difference between single hair extensions and double hair extension.

The most noticeable difference between single weft hair extensions and double weft hair extensions is the thickness of the hair. The name of each kind also indicates this difference. Single weft has only one line of hair, while double weft has double ones. Both types have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Single weft 

Advantages: thin, light and lissom

Disadvantages: the weft line may be so long. Sometimes not enough thickness of hair as you desire.

single weft hair extensions

Double weft hair extensions

Type 1: overlap – two single weft are sewn together

Advantages: the amount of hair in one set is more and the weft line may be shorter.

Disadvantages: the seam is hard and thick, which makes you feel a bit unnatural.

Type 2: still two single weft are sewn together but one single weft under another single weft.

Advantages:The amount of hair is much while the seam is very thin and lissom like single weft.

Disadvantages: The weft line is a bit wide, so it requires you to be skillful to put on.

single weft hair extensions

Despite these advantages and disadvantages, both types are always helpful because they all depend on the thickness of the hair you want. If you have a relatively thick hair, single weft is really suitable for you. If you own a thin hair, do not hesitate to choose double weft. Surely, just in a few minutes, your hair will become gorgeous.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is single weft hair extensions made from?

A: Like other hair extensions, the single weft hair extensions can be made from one of two main materials: synthetic hair or natural human hair. The best quality single weft now on the market is the one which is made from 100% human remy hair. Remy hair is 100% natural human hair with all intact cuticles which protects the hair from tangling. Therefore, remy hair is very smooth and soft.

Synthetic weft hair extensions is a bit cheaper but definitely not as good as human hair. It has low durability and looks a bit unnatural. In addition, if you are a person who likes hair styling, unfortunately, synthetic hair can not help you. The reason is that it doesn’t tolerate heating of flat iron, curling iron,…

Single weft from human hair is different. You can feel free to style any hairstyle you want without any worry.

So be smart when choosing single weft from human hair or synthetic hair.

Note: The single weft hair extensions mentioned in the next questions is the kind made from 100% human hair.


Q: How to put on the single weft hair extensions correctly?

A: There are many different ways to put on weft hair extensions. In this blog’s post, we will suggest you two easy ways.

Use glue to attach the hair weft

What you need:

Freshly washed hair

Hair bonding glue

A rat-tail comb


A clip

How to do:

Dry and comb gently your hair.

Section the bottom layer of hair. Starting from your earlobes, section your hair straight across.

Apply the glue along the weft of hair. The trick is not to use too much. If you put too much on, it’s difficult to remove it afterwards.

Hold the middle of the weft and place on the middle of your sectioned hair.

Press down firmly.

Use a cold setting on your hairdryer for a few seconds to blow dry the weft.

The next section is from the top of your ears.

Apply the glue again and apply the weft using the same method.

The next section is from your eyes

Apply this weft in exactly the same way.

The next section will be on the side of your head.

You would section  the hair depending on your parting.

Apply the glue and apply to the parted hair.

Don’t forget to blow dry.

Sewing in the single weft hair

Section your hair.

Create small braid to be a basis to sew the weft hair.

Sew the single weft hair extensions on the braid with a needle and thread.

To remove the weft, use the scissors to cut the thread. Be careful to avoid cutting your hair.


Q: How long the single weft  will last?

A: An exact number for this question seems quite difficult: three months, six months or one year. It depends on how to take care of it and maintain it. Besides, the quality of weft hair you use also takes an important role. The high-quality weft hair will last longer.

single weft hair extensions

Q: What should  you do to care for weft hair?

A: There are a few steps you need to know when you have the type of extensions.

When washing your extensions, make sure you use a very mild shampoo or a sulfate-free shampoo and also a high-quality conditioner to keep your extensions soft for longer. In washing your hair, do not scrub aggressively.

You need to use the correct brush. A very wide-toothed comb is a great option for you.

Make sure that you put your hair up in braids or in a low ponytail when you are sleeping. This will prevent it from tangling.


Q: How to wash the single weft hair extensions properly?

A: The first thing you keep in mind is that you don’t want to wash your hair frequently.  It is an important thing to wash it at least frequently as possible. Every 3 days is the best.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you should remove all the tangles before you wash your hair. If your hair is quite tangley, you should very carefully comb them out before you step into the shower to avoid any axcess tangling. Of course, you need to avoid the bond where the attachment method is. When you are scrubbing, you don’t scrub very aggressively in where the attachment is.

After shampooing, don’t put conditioner right on the attachment because conditioner can cause the extensions to slip.  Make sure to rinse thoroughly to leave any shampoo or conditioner residue in your extensions, otherwise your hair is become itchy.

Comb your hair very carefully and then drying your hair right away because you leave your hair wet for a long time can cause damage to the glue and make your weft hair possibly fall out.


Q: Where can you buy the high-quality single weft hair?

A: There are many suppliers for it on the market. Ivirgo Hair is one of the top human hair extensions manufacturers in Vietnam. We guarantee that our single weft hair extensions is made from 100% high-quality human hair with reasonable price. To know more information about us, click here

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