Nine measures to overcome hair tangling after a few days

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Hairstyles are important to everyone’s appearance. A tangled hair is always a nightmare for anyone. It can ruin a romantic evening even if you spend hours styling your hair. So what is the cause of the hair tangling and how to overcome it?

Main causes of hair tangling Wash your hair improperly

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Shampooing is a regular, simple task to clean your hair. But if you wash your hair incorrectly, your hair will become damaged, discolored and split. A common mistake that women often make is to wash their hair too much. This will lead to the loss of the natural oil on the scalp, so that the hair will lose its glossy, healthy appearance.

In addition, the choice of shampoo which does not match with you will also affect your hair. Soap residue of shampoo or conditioner on the root of the hair is “the culprit” that makes the hair weak and oily.

Use the heat to beautify

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One of the most popular beauty solutions for women today is styling by hair dryers. But in reality, all types of dryers operate at very high temperatures, causing the hair to become damaged, severely dehydrated. In particular, the use of heat to beautify the hair while still wet will cause the remaining water in the hair to boil, evaporate quickly, causing your hair to hurt faster than normal.

You should only use styling heaters for special occasions and special occasions to avoid hair tangling.

Chemical abuse

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Regularly dying your hair and changing your hairstyle (curling, haircutting, etc.) is also the reason for your hair tangling. The toxic chemicals found in dyes and pills will damage the hair and take the natural nutrients on the scalp away. The continuous use of these chemicals will cause hair to not recover in time to continue to suffer new injuries.

Beauty is an inevitable and legitimate need, but you need to consider carefully before deciding to use chemicals that affect your hair.

Do not trim your hair for long

Many people want to grow long hair without cutting hair for a long time. This is a misconception, manifested by the increasingly tangled and split hair. You should know that frequently trimming tails hair will help to focus nutrients to stimulate the hair to grow faster. The ideal time for you to prune your hair is once a month.

Do not protect your hair when going in the sun

Few people know that sunshine is not only harmful to the skin but also the hair. UV rays in the sun will damage the hair, make the hair become discolored and destroy the color molecules of the hair quickly.

Sit in the room with air-conditioner regularly

Many people working in the office have to sit in the air-conditioner room without knowing that it is the “culprit” causing hair tangling. Sitting in the air-conditioner room for hours will cause the hair to lose a significant amount of water, which cause hair loss and discoloration.

Lack of nutrition

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95% of hair nutrients come from the blood, which determines the strength of the hair. So if you find that your hair becomes tangled, split and broken, you need to look at your diet. Dieting which is not enough nutrients will make your hair less healthy and lead to hair tangling.

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Nine measures to overcome hair tangling after a few days

Wash your hair properly

When applying shampoo, you should separate the lock so that shampoo can penetrate into each fiber. If you have long hair, apply shampoo to comb and brush along the length of your hair. Next use the fingertip to massage gently on the scalp and hair in Z-shape, from the top of the head down to the nape. You should wash your scalp before shampooing your hair. This helps to reduce hair tangling faster after shampooing. What’s more, you should wash your hair with cold water or warm water. Do not use hot water because it will cause your hair to dry.

Kick the habit of shampooing every day

Many girls have the habit of washing their hair every day. However, daily shampoo is not good for your hair at all because it removes natural oils which have the task of protecting your hair, leaving your hair prone to dryness, discoloration and split ends.

Therefore, it is best to wash your hair every 2-3 days, if your hair is dry, you can replace the shampoo by using dry shampoo or chalk to remove oil.

Use a soft hair towel

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Dressing with a very good absorbent towel is never a bad idea. New towels absorb water faster and help you limit wiping hair, avoid damage to hair, reduce the amount of broken hair and tangled state.


Too much hair tangling is also a sign that it is time to cut your hair. After each month, take the time to cut the tangled hair. This reduces dry fiber and stimulates the growth of long hair.

Incubate hair with honey

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Honey [1] is a great beauty ingredient for both your skin and hair. Honey is antimicrobial [2]  and helps increase moisture and nourish the hair very effectively.

You can use honey to nourish the hair by applying the hair to clean hair from the hair root to the hair end. Then heat your hair with a warm towel for 15 – 20 minutes then rinse with regular water and shampoo.

Incubate hair with coconut oil

Coconut oil [3] is rich in fat, protein and vitamin E so it’s great for dry scalps. Not only moisturizing, restoring broken hair, coconut oil also makes the hair healthy and thick.

Apply coconut oil to your hair, cover it with a bathing cap and keep it for at least 60 minutes or you can leave it overnight then wash it off the next morning. Alternatively, you can substitute coconut oil with olive oil for the same effect. For dandruff scalp, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into olive oil or coconut oil to incubate the hair. This mixture will work great for dandruff, balance the moisture without sticking the hair as usual.

Hot oil treatment

Do not hesitate to invest in your hair if you want to have smooth hair. Spend time at home or in the salon to steam your hair twice a month. At home, you can both steam your hair and do home chores comfortably.

Hair protection

The renovation of the “appearance” of hair using beauty tools (such as press machines, dryers, bending machines and so on) is the use of high temperature to change the structure of hair. So do not forget to spray glue hair to protect your hair and prevent damage by heat.

Moreover, you should carefully shield your hair when it is sunny.

When swimming, use a rubber cap to avoid direct contact with chlorine [4] and other toxic chemicals in swimming pools. In particular, after swimming, you need to wash your hair with clean water.

Improve diet

Poor diet and lack of exercise also make you have trouble with hair tangling. So, improve your diet by adding plenty of green vegetables and vitamin C. There are many types of good vegetables for your hair [5] such as spinach and cabbage. And do not forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to improve the beauty of the hair.

How to keep your wig from hair tangling

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Wig accessories are very popular among young people. However, there is a situation when using a wig is that it will be confused by different causes, but all will no longer be a problem when you know how to troubleshoot the wig.

After using, the wig will be tangled, especially the products made of artificial silk-like Kanekalon [6]. If you do not know how to brush it will cause hair loss.

First is the comb option. This is a very important thing that girls often overlook. Combing the wig is very different from the real hair. It is better to buy hair care equipment at the same time when you buy the wig.

The way to troubleshoot the wig is as follows: First, spray the glue for the hair, divide the hair into small parts, brush the comb from the bottom up to limit tangled hair and lumps. Spray more into the tangled parts to easily troubleshoot.

With curly wig, brush the upper part only. With the curly, squeeze by your hands lightly to keeping the curls from popping out.

The above are the causes and solutions for tangled hair. You can completely handle them. Take the time to look after your hair to be confident and shine with beautiful hair. Good luck.

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