Single piece clip in hair extensions

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Most of the people want to have beautiful and healthy hair. With someone who has thin and short hair, it is a good way to choose some types of hair extensions to make the hair become thicker and longer. There are various of types of hair extensions and today we want to introduce you some amazing information about single piece clip in hair extensions.

We are proud of being one of the top vendors about hair extensions. Because of the deep knowledge about hair, we believe that this article will be very useful for you. If you have found out a suitable hair type to help you become more attractive, the article is really useful. We have researched many documents to give you meaningful information.

Don’t hesitate anymore. Scroll through this article and enjoy the information we share.  And there are many things maybe you don’t know about the single piece clip in hair extensions!

Single piece clip in hair extensions

Description of single piece clip in hair extension


Some information about hair extensions

Hair extensions are known popularly nowadays. They can be the real human hair or the synthetic hair  (not 100% human hair). We only provide real 100% human hair which is good for you hair. Hair extensions are the length of the hair which helps your hair become thicker and longer because they add the thickness and the length of hair.

If you wonder how many are the different types of hair extensions, the answer is that there are lots of hair types. It can be divided into the grades of the quality of hair such as 5A hair, 6A hair, 7A hair, 8A hair, 9A hair. Additional, there are many different types of hair braid extensions such as clip in hair, tape in hair, bulk hair, weft hair, tape and tips hair, fushion hair, lace frontal and closure hair, sew in hair, etc… You also have straight hair, wavy hair (natural wavy, deep wavy, water body wavy), and curly hair (kinky curly, loose curly).

To have the best results, the hair extensions should be well matched in color and texture with the natural hair. When people wearing them, it is really difficult to know that they are extensions. They also help people become more attractive and beautiful. Because of these advantages, lots of people like to use them. With the good hair extensions, they can be last up to at least one year. Especially, they can be maintained for two years if you take care of them regularly.

Single piece clip in hair extensions

Single piece clip in hair extensions


Single piece clip in hair extensions is the weft of hair which has clips attached to them on the top to keep the extensions not move. Clip in hair is an easy way to help your hải become longer, thicker, and brighter. You can use them when you attend the events, the special associations to make you become more beautiful. If you are finding out some extensions which are easy to use and install, single piece clip in hair extensions is the best choice.

It is extremely bright, soft, silky, and shiny. Especially, it has lightweight so that it is gentle on the hair. Quickly, it only takes about 2 – 5 minutes for you to install single piece clip in hair extensions. You only need to clip it to the roots of your hair. If you have thin hair, it is essential to use some single pieces clip in hair at the same time to have better results. If you take care of them, they can be maintained from time to time.  Although, they shouldn’t be worn for a long time. Don’t wear them to go to sleep if you don’t want to damage the hair.

Ivirgo hair is the vendor that provide lots of single pieces clip in hair. You can choose multiple colors (brown, ombre, blonde, black, etc…) to change your style fashionably. Besides, we provide various hair texture for customers to choose from. You can choose straight extensions, body wavy extensions, deep wavy extensions, etc… comfortably.

We ensure that extensions are 100% real human hair and you can be safe to use them. Besides, we have enthusiastic consultants to give you the most meaningful advice. The price of a single piece clip in hair we provide is very affordable. Especially, the number of clips and the volume of every single piece are up to you. You totally order us to have suitable hair extensions. Is it easy, right?




  •    Easy to use if you have some knowledge about them
  •    Quick installation
  •    You can be free to use and remove them whenever you like
  •    Multiple colors and styles for you to choose and change regularly
  •  If you take care them well, single piece clip in hair can be a friend with you forever


  •    Can not use them day by day because they can make you feel not comfortably and you can frustrate them easily.
  •    Remember to remove them before you go to sleep to prevent your hair extensions from the damage.
  •    Remember to keep your hair not wet in the rain and don’t wear them to swim in order to not cause the damage.

   What are the differences between single piece clip in hair extensions and other types of hair braid extensions?


There are lots of types hair extensions such as tape in hair, bulk hair, weft hair, tape and tips hair, fushion hair, lace frontal and closure hair, sew in hair, etc…  Each type has different pros and cons. To give you detail sharing about suitable hair extensions. We will compare single piece clip in hair with other hair types. Although, we advise that you should choose a single piece if you want to have quick and easy method to make your hair become healthier and thicker


Tape in hair

Single piece clip in hair extensions
Single piece clip in hair extensions

It is considered to be good for women which have fine and thin hair. Tape-in hair extensions are pre-bonded hair to sections of your own hair that use a double or single sided tape. These method has lots of advantage and is not a bad choice for women to have natural hair extensions. Especially, tape in hair doesn’t need to use any tools or chemicals. It is safe and you are comfortable to use them. Additionally, it has lightweight so that it is gentle on hair. You can have the longer, thicker and brighter hair without any damage to your real hair.

  •    Reasonable cost
  •    Easy to maintain
  •    Least Damaging
  •    Reuse for many times
  •    High effectiveness and make you look natural
  • not statistically

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Fushion hair

If you have medium or thick hair, it is a great choice to choose fushion hair. You shouldn’t try it if your hair is fine and thin because it can cause the damage. The price of this method is little pricey so that you need to spend quite lots of money to have it. Additionally, it takes too long time to apply so that you should visit hair stylists to install it. Extensions are also difficult to control and are suitable for wavy and curly hair. The fushion hair extensions can be last up for a long time with proper care.

  •     Invisible and effective
  •    Easy to maintain
  •    Expensive price
  •    Difficult installation
  •    Only suitable for thick or medium hair

Weft hair extensions

It is a good way to have the more attractive hair. Their quality is usually high and you can wear them comfortably without worrying about being detected. Although, you need to spend lots of money to have them. The great quality of them will make you not satisfied. The hair will become softer, healthier, thicker and longer naturally. The method is suitable for someone who doesn’t have the demand for changing regularly. The extensions are be clamped and they don’t move unless you have the help of the hair stylists. Weft hair extensions can be last up for a few months.

  •    High quality
  •    Look naturally

   Little pricey

Bulk hair extensions:

Bulk hair extensions are bundles of the hair and they don’t use any weft. Brazilian people like using them because the price is reasonable and it is easy to knot hair extensions. You can think about using them and it is great method


  •    Affordable price
  •    Suitable for many hair types


Weave hair extensions:

If you have enough money and are looking suitable hair extension, you should try in weave hair extensions. The method is used for the course, curly, or thick hair. Although, they have some advantages such as effectiveness, low maintenance, easy installation.  Firstly, the customer’s hair is braided from ear to ear. Secondly, the weft of hair is sewn and attached with the help of needle and thread. People who have thin hair are advised not to try this type of hair because it can cause the damage. Weave hair extensions can be used for 6 – 8 weeks

  •    Effectiveness
  •    Low maintenance
  •    Easy to remove
  •    Little pricey
  •    Durability for a medium time
Single piece clip in hair extensions
Single piece clip in hair extensions

 Frequently asked a question about single piece clip in hair

Q: How to take care of single clip in hair extensions?

To have the beautiful hair, you should take care of it regularly. There are some tips which help you maintain your hair extension well. You should follow them to have great results

Shampoo and conditioner:

It is important to choose suitable shampoo and conditioners for your hair type. You should choose 100% free sulfate shampoos for your hair. You also ask the expert to have the best advice before using any hair products. Don’t forget to use conditioners because they moisturize for the hair and make your hair become soft, silky and shiny

Caring for human hair extensions in natural ways

Use avocado:

Avocados are good for hair extensions. They contain a large amount of potassium, amino acids, and healthy significant fats. It can be used as the fruit or the oil for your hair.

The oil itself is filled with antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids, biotin, vitamins A, B-5, and E. They help hair grow faster, become stronger and stronger.

You can make the hair mask with avocado easily.

Using coconut oils:

Coconut oil has lots of advantage. It not only keeps moisture for hair but also protects hair from breakage. Your hair will become healthier, shiny, and strong with the help of coconut oil. It is easy to use and available everywhere.

Don’t use hairdressing regularly

You can curl, tong or straight your hair but you shouldn’t do that very regularly. Before styling for your hair, remember to use the heat protect a product. You even can dye them but it can make your hair become weaker.

Here is some information about single piece clip in hair. We think it is a good choice for you to have it. We provide many products of single piece clip in hair. If you have any question or want to order some pieces, please call us at +84 968 509 490 to be advised deeply. Don’t hesitate. Let connect with us to have the best beautiful hair!


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