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People who have Vietnamese weave hair is very good – they can do straight hair for sleek, or make it whose kinky whose kinky more. In addition, we have permanent with the texture, young and flexible natural that people with different types of hair other are trying to achieve.

I, The scientific structure of naturally wavy hair and Vietnamese hair weave

All hair, whether whose kinky or straight, there are two main components: axis and egg follicles. Egg follicles are part of hair our lying on the skin, or skin, or a scalp. Every structure this played a role in determining the shape hair overall our cars

Vietnamese hair weave developed its structure from the shape cortex. The wavy hair is an ellipse, making it round, but helix mild on the other follicles. Wavy hair also is determined by the structure protein. wavy Hair also varies in thickness and waves of shaped S.

II,  Advantage of naturallly wavy hair and Vietnamese hair weave

  • Ocean waves natural is what many women trying to achieve. the unique “S” shape is what many women want, but not all achieved, so if you have it, just so proud of that.
  • It’s youthful. Something about natural wavy hair for women wearing it look younger. It has the structure and volume appropriate to communicate character feminine, and that is the perfect balance between straight and whose kinky.
  • Really easy to follow style. A woman with wavy hair does not need to go to the length to achieve a bar straight, a flirty curly, or a beachy wave with her hair. Hair is more likely to warp and easy to change the interface.
Vietnamese hair weave
Vietnamese hair weave

III, Weaknesses of wavy hair and Vietnamese hair weave

  • The in-between struggle. Just like the kind of different related to wavy hair, which is a struggle between them. Sometimes, women with wavy hair they show gentle with hair and do not understand exactly how to accept their hair. Although wavy hair has a little more volume than straight hair, it still often flat.
  • It’s frizzy. Frizz is never a good look, even though there are many lines had “make it work. Vietnamese hair weave often struggles with frizz,  because when it is brushed or to type, it usually develops more and dry. The dry skin that can affect the ball smoothly and shadows smooth hair, thus making it easier to evaporate more.

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IV, How to make your hair wavy and Vietnamese hair weave

Here are the most popular solutions for hair waving from a curling iron to the headband method. View them right now not to miss something useful.

The crisis of identity hair will disappear as soon as you take a mental “half glass” full and trials of style to suit your mood. Bring it straight if you want to feel coherence, keep it natural and use some things have been left in peace (you know it would look beautiful), and bust out material wand quăn if you want to increase.

Although the hair is always a choice classic for hair beach. Almost all the famous pulled her hair on the red carpet.

#1: Use a wide tooth comb

It’s no secret that when you have wavy hair, it can be hard to brush because thick and wavy hair gets snarls easier than other hair types. If you don’t want to break a brush, or hurt your head, invest in a wide tooth comb. This is a tip for all hair stylists and beauty experts. It makes the process of brushing wet, damp or dry hair much easier – and effortless. It’s good for your hair as well, because you keep it strong and intact.

#2: Nourish your hair

Hair professionals recommend choosing a sulfate free shampoo to avoid your wavy hair becoming dry.

Hair care industry experts all say it’s best to use a hair mask once a week. And when you load nutrients into your locks, your hair will stay healthy and strong from inside – maintaining the look you want!

Vietnamese hair weave
Vietnamese hair weave

#3: Take your time

Good things in life take time and require your patience. It can be tough when you want to get to work quickly or to go somewhere, and are in a time crunch – so, try setting time aside specifically for your hair.  Set some time aside daily to be able to brush your hair out, to distribute its natural oils and keep it soft and smooth.

#4: Put blow dryer in a cold setting

Although the weather changes, hair care experts say that you should put your setting on cold on your blow dryer when you’re using it. if you have wavy hair, it’s good to use the cold button throughout your entire blow-dry. If you don’t want curls and are looking to blow dry your hair straight, it’s best to direct the blow dryer down your hair all the way.

#5: Keep your hair hydrated

It’s imperative to deep condition to maintain the health of your hair and prevent it from drying out. the sun is good as a source of Vitamin D, but too much sunlight will take the nutrients out of your hair. When we are using hot styling tools, it’s crucial to apply a protectant and a finishing spray.

#6: Research new products before usage

It’s important to do a lot of research before you try using new products for yourself. It’s also a very good idea to use natural products as much as you can! It’s important to spend time figuring out what works for you, without damaging your hair, so, try a bunch of different products.

Vietnamese hair weave
Vietnamese hair weave

#7: Take caution with your towel

When your hair is damp, it’s the perfect time to apply the cream. When you begin to do your hair, use a paddle brush to smooth it and a round brush for the blowout. You’ve been warned about the towel rush!

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